Joomla Customisation

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Joomla Website Modifications and Custom Projects

joomla website customisationOften, our clients are faced with unique situations that can't be solved by "out of the box" solutions. At Joomla Australia, we have provided many customised applications tailored exactly to solve the needs of our clients. Our customised solutions have ranged from online membership renewal payment applications to online professional development programs for clients. Basically, virtually anything can be developed as an online application with a clear goal, concise specification and budget in mind.

If your company, association or organisation has a particular need that needs to be addressed and you are having difficulty coming up with the right solution, please contact us to discuss whether we might be able to assist.

Joomla Custom Module and Component Development

With regards to Joomla, customisation centres around Components, Plug-ins and Modules. Modules and plug-ins extend the functionality of Joomla, while components add to the overall website functionality as well as its performance. We are able to offer clients customisation or development of components, modules and plugins to suit individual needs.

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